Below are details of the course programme, coffee/comfort breaks will be interspersed throughout the day. If you have any other queries please Contact Us

Workshop welcome
Professor Diego Kaski
1030Differential diagnosis of the dizzy patient
Professor Diego Kaski
11:00 BPPV
Ms Amanda Male
11.30 Practical workshop 1:
BPPV; Hallpike manoeuvres – the why, when and how
13:00Eyes and ears in stroke – acute vertigo
Professor Adolfo Bronstein
13:20Vestibular neuritis & Labyrinthitis
Professor Diego Kaski
13.40Vestibular migraine
Dr Louisa Murdin
14:00Coffee Break
14.20Practical workshop 2: Distinguishing central from peripheral vertigo and use of Video Head Impulse Test (vHIT)
15:05A practical approach to unsteadiness
Professor Diego Kaski & Ms Amanda Male
15.25Practical workshop 3:
Balance and Gait Video quiz
15.50Summary and conclusions – Certificate of attendance
Professor Diego Kaski
16:00End of meeting

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