Below are details of the course programme, coffe/comfort breaks will be interspersed throughout the day. If you have any other queries please Contact Us

Workshop welcome
Professor Diego Kaski
10:10Differential diagnosis of the dizzy patient
Professor Linda Luxon
10.30 BPPV
Ms Amanda Male
11.00 Practical workshop 1:
BPPV; Hallpike manoeuvres – the why, when and how
12.00Eyes and ears in stroke – acute vertigo
Professor Adolfo Bronstein
12:20Eyes and ears in stroke – acute hearing loss
Professor Diego Kaski
12.40Lunch break
13.20Vestibular neuritis & Labyrinthitis
Professor Diego Kaski
13.40Vestibular migraine
Dr Louisa Murdin
14.00Practical workshop 2: Distinguishing central from peripheral vertigo
14.30Use of video head impulse test for vertigo
14.45A practical approach to unsteadiness
Professor Diego Kaski & Ms Amanda Male
15.00Practical workshop 3:
Balance and Gait Video quiz
15.30Summary and conclusions – Certificate of attendance
Professor Diego Kaski
15:40End of meeting

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